How Keylogger Detector Protects Your PC from Being Hacked?

Ganesh Narayan Gupta

Ganesh Narayan Gupta is owner of Tech Blog Cloud. He loves to read, share and explore the latest technology.

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  1. Hi Ganesh – as a new reader to your blog I though I’d just jump in and leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been enjoying it very much. Cheers! Shaun
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…app dev empire for the android

  2. Kishore says:

    Does these keyloggers really work?i was installing a keylogger,but kaspersky didnot allow it?how to solve it
    Kishore recently posted…SEO Tips – Dofollow Social Bookmarking Lists of 2013

    • Yes Kishore, obviously they work. That’s why I have wrote this article. And, one more thing that I am providing you solution for protection and you are asking how to use it. Well, I have mentioned in 3rd point to use an antivirus to protect yourself from keyloggers, means your antivirus will obviously try to stop them. So, you can use it after disabling your antivirus, but I would like to suggest you not to use such keyloggers as use of them is illegal. It is counted in hacking activities.

  3. Nice post Gupta. Keyloggers are spy used by hackers to get personal details. I will certainly watch out for this. Your post is educational
    Essien Ekpenyong recently posted…How To Automatically Ping Your New Post In WordPress

  4. Ajay Singh says:

    amazing post ,its a must known thing for any person , i think today every one’s pc ,laptop have more personal things than a person’s mind or heart

  5. Hi,

    It’s an interesting post. Nice to be here in your blog. I learnt about, how to secure from keylogger from your post. keep on posting like this article. Hope to see your comment in my blog.
    M Nirmal Anandh recently posted…Simple ways to make your blog popular

  6. Sumanth says:

    Thanks for the tips very useful will visit regurarly

  7. Sumanth says:

    Hello Ganesh, in my view Just using a on screen keyboard wil be enough for us.
    Anyway excellent detail info you gave us here. Thanks for sharing this with us .
    Have a good day bro :)

    • Hello Sumanth,

      You can say that using on screen keyboard is good, but I don’t think that it is too far very useful, because we can not type as fast as we can do from our normal keyboard. Yet, it may be useful for little tasks or places like passwords, but suppose if you are chatting with someone, then it will be pretty tough. Thanks for commenting and your feedback by the way :-)

  8. great post you have here, to fall into the hands of keylogger is not a funny case. Thanks for your instructions and tips. awesome post

  9. hi ganesh. thanks for sharing this info since many people here in the Philippines are using cyber cafe when surfing the internet. hmm. this explains why i am always hesitant to use computers in cyber cafe when i am planning to purchase online.

    • Hello Marilyn,

      You are right. Cyber cafe is the most unsafe place for using internet where the chances of being hacked by keyloggers is most probable. And, I avoid to use any cyber cafe before confirming your security. Thanks for your kind comment :-)

  10. Mosam Gor says:

    Hello GANESH,

    Great share.!

    thanks for sharing this informative post :) currently I’m using mac OS so in thins os key-loggers not supported :D

    stay updated and stay rocking ;) :P

  11. Shantanu says:

    Hi Ganesh ,
    Being a New Visitor to your blog , I loved your Article. Brother This Post Damn useful, all the Useful points Have being Covered.
    Thanks for the Best Post!

  12. Thanks for this tutorial i was a victim once when i accessed my mail in a public cafe only for someone to tell me my password and i was shocked then i found out there was a keylogger on the PC and i tried locating the installation folder to no avail, keyloggers are designed to run a PC without your notice, so whether on your own PC, always lock your PC with a password because someone can install it without your notice and it will be right there and you will never see it.

    • Yes you are right. A person has to take care of his/her security only by self in this cyber world. If you take care, you can do well or if you are hacked, you can get a huge loss too. So, caring is always necessary. Thanks for commenting and sharing Nwosu :-)

  13. Nirmala says:

    Very informative and needful post here!

    I really don’t know about keyloggers and it is great to read about it :)

    I never use my public computer to check my personal bank accounts and important email accounts.

    Thanks for this alert post to stay safe from keylogging, keep sharing :)

    • Hello Nirmala,

      Sorry for the late reply. It is strongly recommended to avoid using your personal accounts on public systems because your security is your responsibility at first. Keep in touch for more security tips :-)

      ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  14. Hi G,

    Good tips!

    Hackers are getting creative.

    So we need to be one step ahead.

  1. June 3, 2013

    [...] of the aforementioned programs are intended by males and females who…well, really hated keyloggers and everything the have inked. These programs run in the shadows of an computer (no worries, it [...]

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