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Email Safety: Bitter Facts to Face Online

Email safety is being a dangerous issue day by day. Number of internet users have increased very rapidly in last few years and those are still increasing in some developing countries. Although, internet has proved to be life changing service, but how does it affect your life? Positively or Negatively? This is such a big issue for new users and the persons who are not geek. I am writing this article, because of a mail which I received recently.

So coming back to the topic, I would like to clear that if you are having an online business, you are an online marketer, blogger or having your personal data online, you are never secure. No, I am not frightening anyone but I am telling the truth. Thieves or black hat hackers are starring you continuously to attack you and rob you. But, it does not say you to leave your online  business. What you need to do is to take care of yourself. Yes, this is totally up to you if you are giving away your information to someone else.

In this article, I am basically going to concentrate upon these points and facts:

  • Who are online thieves?
  • Why are you not secure online ?
  • How is your data stolen?
  • What about email safety?
  • How can you become secure?
  • Your duties.

Who are online thieves?

I am referring black hat hackers here for these on line thieves. Online thieves are guys who are working to steal your online identity. Your identity includes your social profiles, personal data, bank account information, credit card details or Paypal or any other services which you are using online. So, I guess you have understood the purpose of these black hat hackers.

Why are you not secure online?

If someone thinks that he/she is secure online, I can bet he is living in an imaginary world yet. You can never be so sure about your online safety. Here are the reasons:

  • You are very popular on social media sites or having a big name in  internet world.
  • You are getting a good income from online marketing.
  • You have important or secret data that may be useful to others.
  • You think that you are secure and become careless.
  • Use of a shared internet connection.

How is your data stolen?

Your data may be stolen in many different ways. It can be done by installing a keylogger or RAT in your system. It can be done using methods like phishing which steals your account information. Some fraud forms are made to fill by users and hence they submit their own information in wrong hands.

What about email safety?

Idea for this post came in my mind, when I was thinking about email safety. Yesterday, I received a mail in the name of Paypal, but interesting fact was that mail was sent from the hosting of ‘’, instead of ‘’. This mail was having a file containing virus. Thanks to my antivirus which did not allow this file to download. Here is a screenshot of that email:

Email Safety Awareness
Email received from

Yes,  this post is to aware people about email safety.

How can you become secure?

Here are some points,  you have to always remember which will help you as a matter of email safety and any other online risks:

  • Always check the email credentials properly before responding to an email.
  • Do not submit your password and other confidential details through your email.
  • Always use an updated good antivirus.
  • Do not trust any unknown person online without complete verification.

These are few basic points, but these do not guarantee your safety. You have to be careful at every place online. I will be updating this list regularly.

Your turn

Now, I have shared what I wished to share using this article. Thanks for reading it. Now, there is a simple task for you. You have to tell me, if you have faced any such problem ever. If yes, how did you handle it? Are you ready to protect yourself in future for this kind of spam emails?

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Ganesh Narayan Gupta is owner of Tech Blog Cloud. He loves to read, share and explore the latest technology.
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  1. Hi bro,

    You’ve written about a topic which must have to be covered especially in the recent times…Spammers have become very smart nowadays and we need to make people aware so that they can avoid of being trapped…..Thanks for writing about this here….
    Aditya Dey recently posted…Gmail will now Display Images in emails by default

    • Hello bro,

      You are right bro. This thing is happening very often nowadays and an awareness should be spread for this. I can’t guess how many people are made fool daily by this kind of scams and hence, to avoid these circumstances this post was essential. Thanks for your contribution.

      ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  2. Hi Ganesh,

    This post will get the masses educated about fraud e-mails. There are tons of such mails circulated each day and thousands fall prey to it.

    I noted that ‘peypal’ mail and remembered one such mail I got myself. It was from ‘Hyundai Motors’, asking me to appear for an interview. They also asked for a ‘security deposit’ of 15,000 Rupees!

    I knew that it was coming from a fake site, resembling Hyundai motors. Next thing I did was make a blog post about this scam and posted it on my blog. Yes, many people read about this scam and are saved. I guess some strict actions should be taken against them.

    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Google+ Comments for WordPress is good for SEO!

    • Hello Arun,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I appreciate it. It usually happens nowadays. It happened with you, it has happened with me, but we are secure because we are aware. This post should be spread and make people aware about such frauds. Awareness will be best way to reply these spammers.

      ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  3. Hey Ganesh,
    Which email do you use currently for personal use? I think Gmail works better these days as I’ve never received emails like these scam companies till now like you received from

    Thanks for sharing your experience buddy
    Shahzad Saeed recently posted…How Publishing Guest Posts on My Blog Dropped Google Search Traffic by 90%

    • Hello Shahzad,

      Gmail is a good service, but I received this email on my hosting account mail that is I do not have my paypal account associated with it. But, this was received and it is not necessary that every user is using gmail. Any other email address and new domain name may be used which is not in spam earlier by gmail and they can fraud easily. Hence, it is necessary to take care of such kind of mails at every step. Thanks for your comment.

      ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  4. Hi Ganesh,

    We do receive a lot of spam emails these days, though spam filter on email systems like Gmail is really good and catches lot of them but still one has to be careful.
    We should not click on any links or download any attachment until we are sure about the emails..I always try to enter the URL manually in the browser instead of clicking the link in the email….

    Sanjeev recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: A Powerhouse That Can Fit In Hand

    • Hello Sanjeev,

      You are right. We can not blame our mail service provider for these kind of mails, but it is our duty to avoid such kind of mails or verify properly before proceeding. Thanks for your kind comment. Keep visiting 🙂

      ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  5. Hi Ganesh,

    Combating online thieves is a great issue. Thanks for sharing with us this insight.
    Emmanuel recently posted…Some Interesting LIES in Blogging.

  6. Great post and a very necessary one! We need to take bigger steps to protect all of our information. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Well for those who are new or don’t have knowledge about the online thefts then they must know about it completely. Because some day we might be the victim. The information you’ve shared is really wonderful.

    Samir recently posted…How to remotely access your computer from a Samsung Galaxy phone

  8. This is of course on the rise. Many have fallen victims to these email thefts. Thanks for bringing this up and people really ought to be careful when they receive any suspicious messages.

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