How to Add All Friends in Facebook Group

Ganesh Narayan

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  1. thank you so much for sharing a great info with us that how can we add all friends in facebook groups.
    Regards and Happy Blogging
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  2. hey…
    i have been searching such kind of info. on net..but don’t know what to type…
    thanks for sharing it…it helps me…:)
    Riya Khurana recently posted…Best Ways to Hair Growth:”Best Home Remedies Ever”

  3. Samir says:


    Wonderful tutorial mate, I was searching for this since a long time. I’d try it now.

    Thanks a ton for sharing

  4. Baligyana says:

    wow! i never thought there’s such a code like this. I manually add my friends one by one to add all of them to my group. But thankfully, I just stumbled upon your blog and found out that it’s possible. Thank you so much for sharing this code! :D

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