Guest Blogging Contest by TechyWood

Hello all,I would like to tell you that I have participated  in a guest blogging contest, that is run  by the site TechyWood basically. I participated in this contest, not only because I want to win it, but also it will improve my writing skills as I will be in a competitive world there. Besides ...

Top 5 Online Rewriting Tools

The term “re-write” does not mean what it used to in the old days. It used to involve taking some text, cutting it apart, and removing the old, the stale and the outdated. It then meant applying new expertise to fill the gaps with new, updated and accurate information. After which it is re-written so ...

Email Safety: Bitter Facts to Face Online

Email safety is being a dangerous issue day by day. Number of internet users have increased very rapidly in last few years and those are still increasing in some developing countries. Although, internet has proved to be life changing service, but how does it affect your life? Positively or Negatively? This is such a big ...

How to Expand Short URL to Original URL

Hey all,Firstly, one question for you guys. How do you expand short URL to original if you find one and you are having doubt on this URL's safety. Everyone loves shortcuts. Isn't it? In this article, I will  basically concentrate on the whole concepts related to short URL, original or extended URL. Let's have an ...
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